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Give Firefox a personalized magazine home page.

Whatever your homepage is, the chances are it's not a very personalized thing. Make things a bit more 'Web 2.0' and install Feedly on Firefox to give yourself a completely new homepage experience.

This Firefox add-on is surprisingly powerful. In essence it's an RSS feed reader, organized like a magazine page. You can add any page you like, just by hitting the orange RSS symbol in Firefox's address bar, or alternatively browse Feedly by subject and have panels that show you focused news that you want to read.

If you have a Google Reader account, it's even better, as it integrates perfectly and you'll have all your feeds accessible at once. Of course, you could set your reader as a home page, but Feedly doesn't have some advantages. First is appearance - it's really attractive and comfortable to use, with a great layout that's much warmer than Google reader.

However, Feedly also integrates with Twitter, Delicious, YouTube and Amazon, so you can start with a really rich selection of content every time you open Firefox. You can organize Feedly easily, by dragging content around, and every part can be deleted or changed, it really is very flexible.

If you put the time into setting it up, Feedly will give you a fantastic personalized magazine every time you start up.

Feedly 2.14 aligns with that new method and better handles session timeouts.


  • Feedly 2.14 aligns with that new method and better handles session timeouts.


  • Highly personalized
  • Integrates with Google, Twitter and more


  • Needs time to set up well


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Feedly (Firefox) 16.0.528.1 for PC


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